Modem DSP Firmware Engineer Position in Apple

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Modem DSP Firmware Engineer Position in Apple

The recuiter just contacted me. If anyone is interested, you can go to apple's career website. If you cannot find it, you can email me. I will give you the recruiter's email.



The iOS team is looking for a highly motivated Modem DSP Firmware Engineer to help develop our next generation of iOS products.  This position requires directly related experience with DSP’s, as well as algorithm development skills. This role requires a strong understanding of HW/SW DSP structures and partitions, hardware, software co-design, as well as firmware implementation experience. The candidate will work in a small team and will engage with vendors, suppliers, and other engineering disciplines to deliver high performance best in class modem for iPhone products. Extensive travel will be required.  Strong debugging skills is a must.
Duties include:
- Integration, customization, enhancement and maintenance of GSM/UMTS/LTE modem DSP firmware;
- Debug real-time DSP code and propose optimum solutions for better performance
- Assist with interoperability and type approval testing
- Investigate future cellular technologies
- Develop next generation cellular modem.
- Masters or Ph.D in EE .
- Research background in DSP and wireless communication is required. Relevant experience includes one or more of the following areas: UMTS, HSPA, OFDM, and physical layer algorithms with hands-on implementation and debugging;
- Strong C programming skills,
- Embedded systems programming experience.
- Experience with RTOS embedded development;
- Excellent debugging skills
- Highly motivated and self-directed, fast learner;
- A good team player with strong verbal and written communication skills;